World of Birds

Sing along with blue-bellied rollers, nod your head to helmeted curassows, and admire the smooth moves of the Cuban Amazon parrot. In the World of Birds you’ll find striking headdresses, elegant plumes, and plenty of preening.

What to See and Do

Meet birds from around the world.
Bring a birder’s notebook to keep track of your favorites. Do they include the South American toco toucan? Or Asia’s fairy bluebird?

Improve your moves.
Learn why certain birds deserve a Romeo reputation in a film about their elaborate courtship rituals.

Listen to a symphony of twitters.
Hear a hornbill’s hooting and a Bali mynah’s chatter. Solve the riddle “What did one motmot say to the other motmot?”*

*Hint: The answer is in the name.

Get Involved: Become a bird watcher!

Did you know that New York City is one of the nation’s best places for bird watching? That’s because it’s part of the Atlantic flyway for many seasonal migrators. When you go home, be on the lookout for birds that share your own skies.

See more birds and a penguin feeding in the Sea Bird Colony.