Mouse House

More than house mice and hamsters! From gerbils and chinchillas to beavers and porcupines, rodents make up more than 40 percent of all mammal species. Slink through the halls to meet rainforest scurriers and desert burrowers.

What to See and Do

Creep quietly as a mouse.
The stealthier you can be, the more you’ll see! Because most small mammals are nocturnal, the lights here are kept dim.

Meet acrobatic acouchis and flying squirrels.
Visit tiny hopping kangaroo rats, aerodynamic flying squirrels, and a colony of burrowing Damaraland mole rats.

Look out for pest control.
Rodents are food for many different species. You’ll find some of those predators here, including skunks, mongooses, and snakes.

If there's one place the mouse in the house doesn't want to go, it's the World of Reptiles.